Pool Build & Pool Repair Reno Loan

Build a Pool / Repair a Pool

Build a Pool / Repair a Pool

The HOUSE Team offers a Renovation Home Loan program that enables homeowners to build or repair a pool.  Our pool renovation loan allows borrower’s to finance the cost of building or repairing their dream pool into their home loan.  No expensive separate pool loans.

Borrowers can use our Pool Renovation Home Loan for both a home purchase or a refinance.

Benefits of a Pool Reno Loan:

  • Low Down Payment
  • Available for Purchases or Refinances
  • Finance Repairs to an Existing Pool
  • Finance a Brand New Dream Pool
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • No Pre–Payment Penalty
  • Complete Repairs or Build after loan closes

Pool Reno Loan Eligible Repairs

The HOUSE Team’s Pool Renovation Loan enables a borrower to finance their pool repair and pool build needs.

  • Build a New Pool
  • Repair/Upgrade Existing Pool

Maximum Amount To be Financed

The Pool Renovation program allows a borrower to finance up to either of the following to build a pool or repair an existing pool:
1. 35% of the improved value* of the home OR
2. $85,000

If a client needs to finance more than the standard maximum limit, The HOUSE Team can request an exception from our Renovation department.
*improved value equals the value of home after pool is built or repaired

Minimum Down Payment Requirements

Contact us for more information on minimum down payment requirements.

Time Allowed to Complete Repairs/Upgrades

Our Pool Renovation program allows up to 120 days after closing for the  repairs to be completed.  The clock starts on the date the loan closes.  Exceptions to the 120 day rule granted on a case by case basis.

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Please contact The HOUSE Team with any questions and to learn more about how our Pool Renovation loan can help you create the pool of your dreams.

Team Phone:  602.435.2149
Team Email:  Team@JeremyHouse.com

By Jeremy House