Financing a Flipped Property

Flip Guidelines Arizona Mortgage

Financing Flipped Property Overview

Financing a “flipped property” involves meeting unique mortgage guidelines.  The HOUSE Team is your flip expert. Regardless of what kind of mortgage a buyer is using,your lender should know how to handle flips.

Flipped properties – What are they?

A flip purchase occurs when a buyer finances a property in Arizona that is being re-sold by the seller shortly after they purchased the property for themselves.  Typically, the seller has purchased the property and then increased its value by fixing/upgrading the property. They then sell the home at a higher price than what they paid for it hoping to make a profit.

Why are Flips different?

Flips are subject to different mortgage rules to prevent homes being sold at over inflated values.  What matters most is how much an investor is selling the home for compared to what they bought it for.  It is also important to measure how soon the investor is selling the flipped home after they bought it.  Depending on the type of financing, there may be additional requirements for a buyer financing a flipped home.

Flipped property rules by Loan Type

FHA Flip Rules
An FHA buyer may not finance a home that has been purchased within 90 days by the seller.

Conventional Flip Rules
A Conventional Flip is a property that is being resold within 120 days
There is no set price increase limit however Conventional flips may require either a 2nd appraisal or an appraisal review (underwriter discretion).

Click HERE for a more detailed explanation of how a Conventional Flip works.

VA Flip Rules

VA Flips are no different from VA Non-Flips purchases.

JUMBO Flip Rules
Depends upon the specific scenario and JUMBO loan being used by the buyer.

USDA Flip Rules:

USDA Flips are no different from USDA Non-Flip purchases.

The HOUSE team know what is needed on the front end in order to ensure that a flip purchase is processed efficiently and accurately allowing the buyer and seller to close without surprises and on time.  Call The HOUSE Team today for help with your flip questions.  

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