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VA Condo financing requires that the condo itself be deemed eligible for financing by VA.  There are two different processes that help determine VA condo mortgage eligibility:

I.  Pre-approved VA Condo Verification
II. Requesting VA Condo Approval from VA

The most common way to determine if a condo is eligible for VA financing is by verifying VA condo pre-approval.  However, regardless of which option is used the condo being financed with a VA home loan must be considered eligible for VA financing.

I. Pre-approved VA Condo Verification

VA maintains a list of pre-qualified condo projects that are currently considered eligible for VA condo financing.  If the condo project being financed is shown as “approved” on VA’s approved condo list it’s a great start.  There are two different types of VA condo pre-approved types:

1. VA approved with conditions
2. VA approved without conditions

If the condo being financed is approved as “VA approved with conditions” the mortgage lender must dig a bit deeper to complete the condo approval process.  A lender would contact VA to determine what the “condition(s)” is/are.  Once the conditions are identified, those conditions must be satisfied prior to closing a VA loan on that particular condo.

For both “with conditions” and “without condition” approvals the lender must verify additional information such as adequate blanket insurance coverage.  Contact The HOUSE Team for more.

The VA pre-approved condo list can be found here: VA Approved Condos

II. Requesting VA condo Approval from VA

If the condo being financed is not on the VA pre-approved condo list, your mortgage lender can request VA condo approval.  VA would review the condo project/HOA to determine if it meets VA condo eligibility requirements.  Submitting a condo for VA approval is an excellent option however it may take time (process can take up to 4 to 6 weeks).

Please contact The HOUSE Team if you have interest in submitting a condo project for VA eligibility review.

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