I saved an additional .125% compared to current rates with other lenders

I am amazed! I contacted Jeremy to help me refinance a mortgage he had originally secured almost 2 and a half years ago. We signed refinance papers on June 26, 2012, very shortly after we completed our application. At this point in time, most banks and credit unions are struggling to complete refinance requests in 90 days. I even saved an additional .125% compared to current rates with other lenders with Jeremy’s team and PrimeLending. It doesn’t get much better!
Prior to contacting Jeremy I had been trying for over a year to refinance with the bank to which my mortgage had originally been transferred. As the result of a series of errors that resulted from the repeated incompetence of various loan officers in the mortgage department of that bank, I was told I would have to schedule a fourth appraisal and complete a third set of loan applications. I was so frustrated I almost decided to give up trying to refinance.
I decided to send out the email to Jeremy and heard back immediately. I couldn’t believe it! Jeremy’s list of required documents was clear, concise, and complete. The entire process was so easy and stress-less, if you can imagine that.
I can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much you have uncomplicated my life. In addition, your sensitivity and genuine concern for Lily while she was recovering from a life threatening medical condition in the middle of this refinance process is deeply appreciated. You are an amazing mortgage team, a true HOUSE Team! Lily sends her thanks, too. She is doing exceptionally well and hopefully will be able to get her hip replaced in late September.
Thank you both so very much again!

Cheryl E and Lily N6/2012Surprise, AZ