The House team has been such a close ally and friend

The “House” team has been such a close ally and friend to my Wife and myself. We have had the opportunity to work with them and have been nothing short of amazed at their professionalism and and friendly atmosphere. Our request was approved and they quickly moved to get us into out home. No bumps or blocks during the process. I am a man of few words and do not write reviews lightly. However, I felt the “House Team” deserved to be recognized for their first rate efforts and enthusiasm. I would certainly recommend them to “anyone” who may be looking for a service that is friendly, cautious, fast and reliable.

Please tell your friends that the “House Team” will do what is required to make your dream home a part of your life. A Big thanks from Donnie and Nena.

Donnie and Nena G11/2013Mesa, AZ