Thank you for such a wonderful and positive experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the “Jeremy House Team”, for making my home purchase the smoothest and least stressful experience in my entire life, (and I’m not a spring chicken). Having spoken with Jeremy about purchasing a house after a short sale, he assured me that I could buy again if I had no late payments and my credit was in order, (even my realtor doubted this). So the venture begins.

Upon finding a house, Jeremy informed me that I would be working with Peter Marthaler. Peter called and he told me how excited he was to be working with me and there were a few things he would need, (credit report, pay stubs, taxes, etc.), and where to send them. Now, this is the over the top part, I got FedEx labels to send my documents, they were returned as fast as they were able to copy them, and Peter called informing me that everything was in order and ahead of schedule. Every called that I received from Peter was positive, “how are you doing, everything looks good and we are right on schedule or ahead of schedule”. I was totally relaxed about this venture. Peter sent me charts showing where we were at present and where we had to go.

I stopped by the office a couple of times to drop off papers and met Tonia. She was extremely pleasant, made copies immediately and asked if there was anything else that I needed. I asked the same of her. She said if Peter needed anything else, she would let me know. The part that kept this simple was the listing. If three items were needed, then there was a numerical list, no fluff, no confusing and on the computer, so no losing.

I did not intend to go on and on but buying a house has always been a horrifying experience, gathering the same information over and over because the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing. The only stressful moment was the closing, the waiting, until 4:39pm, and that had nothing to do with, “The House Team”.

Peter and “The House Team”, thank you for such a wonderful and positive experience.

Emily B8/2013Laveen, AZ