I also have made Jeremy my “go to guy” to make it happen

I came to Jeremy House after my Arizona mortgage loan officer from another company could not get the deal done due to a technicality. Jeremy and team had about 3 weeks to put together a package for a self-employed borrower. Jeremy and his team came highly recommended as ”the best” in the business according to my realtor. I had used my previous loan officer numerous times over the last 15+ years and was very comfortable with him and his style. Relying on Jeremy to make this house close on time was not an easy thing to do.  Jeremy and his team pulled it off!

Getting this deal done on time really helped my family be able to do some work on the house prior to having the movers arrive. This “pre work” we were able to do undoubtedly saved us a ton of time. Further, my travel schedule for work only allowed me to move on this particular week. Pushing the close date out a week would have been a real burden on my wife and kids since I would have been out of town for the move.

Jeremy and his team really impressed me. I will refer / recommend as many times as it comes up in the future. I also have made Jeremy my “go to guy” to make it happen when things look tough. Thanks a lot for your efforts. They will pay dividends in the future!

Greg C5/2012Mesa, AZ