The only real regret we have is not having found you sooner!

Words can hardly describe how grateful we are to you and your team–for taking the time to listen, for your diligence and persistence, for your hard work, long hours, and professionalism. As you know, when we finally came to you, we’d been put through the ringer. We’d been through several under-educated mortgage brokers and loan officers who told us in no uncertain terms that what we were trying to accomplish was impossible. After months and months of dead ends and bad news, we were exhausted and bewildered. Several times along the way we thought of giving up, but in the end, this was too important for our family. Finally, in the last place we looked, we found the House Team. Your team was friendly, your processes were efficient and effective–everything was so smooth that as soon as you took over, we felt completely at ease and confident that all the pieces were finally falling into place. You were so forthcoming with information that we stopped getting calls from the Realtors involved because they felt totally in the loop, and you answered all questions any one of us might have had before we even had the chance to ask them. Perhaps most importantly, you treat home buying and all its ramifications to a family with the importance and seriousness it deserves. To us, this was not just a financial transaction. This process has been a real eye-opener, and as with most of life’s challenges, we’re trying to chalk it up to a learning experience. But finally, here we are, in the house we hope to stay in forever. The only real regret we have is not having found you sooner! It would have saved us a lot of hassle, sleepless nights, and several gray hairs. It goes without saying that if we ever need to buy another home we’ll be calling you, and we’ll send you everyone we know along the way. Please take to heart that we appreciate so much everything you bring to your profession. You really made a difference for us.

Sean and Jessica M10/2012OH