I am so grateful to you and humbled by the level of care and hard work you provided me

Buying a home in 2012/2013 has been an overwhelming, intense, intimidating, difficult process because of the change in the mortgage industry AND the fact that I am buying my first home on my own at age 52!

I had bought and sold numerous homes when I was married, but this is the FIRST since being single.

With the guidance, assistance, care, and help from Jeremy and the House Team, I have made it through to the end and I am NOW the proud owner of a beautiful condo in Scottsdale.

The entire underwriting process has changed dramatically in the last few years since the mortgage industry collapse and getting a mortgage loan is nothing short of a miracle.

After providing hundreds and hundreds of documents to Tonia (who is THE most hardworking, dedicated, caring, happy person!)  for underwriting and finally being approved for the loan was a huge accomplishment.

Unfortunately, even though I was approved, my condo association was not approved for the mortgage loan program. This stopped my mortgage loan dead in its tracks!  And, to top it off, I was on the other side of the world hiking the Franz Glacier in New Zealand!

Sitting in an Internet cafe in Queenstown, New Zealand and “Skyping” with Jeremy for hours, we were able to come up with a solution to my mortgage loan problem.  Keep in mind that Arizona is 20 hours behind New Zealand and Jeremy was on the phone to me in the middle of the night!

After all the ups and downs with this mortgage loan process, the purchase of my home is even “sweeter” because with Jeremy and The House Team’s help, we perservered!

Thank you Jeremy, Tonia, and Alexa!  I am so grateful to you and humbled by the level of care and hard work you provided me. You are truly a gift from God and I am fortunate to have had you working side by side with me through this process.

Therese MScottsdale, AZ