They are extremely dedicated and made the whole process hassle-free.

Jeremy House Arizona Mortgage is the most dedicated and helpful team of people I’ve met. They work like a well-oiled machine. I just recently purchased my home from them in April of 2013, and I cannot even begin to explain how needy I was of them. EVERY SINGLE question and concern I had, which was many on a daily basis, was answered immediately and well explained. As a new homeowner, there was not one issue unresolved or one question unanswered about my entire home-buying process. These are the most down-to-earth and heart warming people. Even after buying my home, I’ve contacted them multiple times for questions and concerns here and there, and it doesn’t even phase them. They are extremely dedicated and made the whole process hassle-free.

I cannot thank them enough. One of the scariest risks people take in life is buying their first home, especially when it’s a young single woman like myself. They relieved my fears immediately. There is not another AZ company that I would better recommend. If you want some of the most personable and trustworthy people on your side, look no further. I met EVERY person in their team and shook their hand. There was no one contacting me or passing off responsibilities to someone I didn’t know. They LITERALLY were by my side every step of the way, and they may as well have held my hand too, because buying a house was very scary. After the accomplishment though and with their immense help in the process, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again team, for everything.

Zoe H4/2013Chandler, AZ