VA Mortgage Minimum Property Requirements

Every VA financed home must meet VA’s property standards prior to the VA loan closing.  VA’s property rules are better known as “Minimum Property Requirements” or “MPR” for short.  3 basic guidelines shape VA’s Minimum Property Standards:

1. Safety
2. Soundness
3. Sanity

A VA appraiser evaluates each home and measures it against these three criteria.  If a home’s condition violates any of these standards the violation needs to be resolved.

Minor cosmetic deficiencies are not grounds for ineligibility however they can impact the appraisers valuation of the home.

VA Property Requirements

  • Each home must have space for each of the following:
    Cooking and dining
    Sanitary Facilities
    Property needs a stove installed
  • Mechanical Systems (Pool, Plumbing, Heating/Cooling, etc…) must:
    Have reasonable utility, durability and economy (aka – must be in good shape)
    Be safe to operate
    Pool must be functional at the time of closing
  • Heating Requirements:
    Heating must be adequate and comfortable for living conditions
    *Home with a wood burning stove must also have a conventional heating system.
    *Homes with a solar heating system must be 100% backed by system as reliable as a conventional heating system *Air conditioning not required
  • Water Supply Requirements – each property must have:
    Domestic hot water
    Continuing supply of safe/potable water for drinking and other household uses
    Sanitary facilities and a safe method of sewage disposal
  • Roofing – The property’s roof must:
    Prevent entrance of moisture
    Provide reasonable future utility, durability and economy of maintenanceVA also has a set of specific guidelines relative to a property’s crawl space(s), ventilation and electricity.  

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