VA Streamline Refinance

A VA Streamline Refinance (also called a VA IRRL) helps VA homeowners lower their current VA home loan rate and home loan monthly payment. Additionally, no appraisal is required and income does not need to be validated.   The process truly is Streamlined!

VA Streamline Refi Benefits

  • Lower Interest Rate
  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • NO Appraisal Required
  • NO Income Verification Required

5 Simple Steps to VA Streamline

A VA Streamline Refinance is an easy VA refinance.  Some of the major requirements associated with a typical mortgage are not required with a VA streamline (including the need for an appraisal and to verify income).

  1. Apply with the HOUSE Team

  2. Provide documentation (see below)

  3. Sign disclosure package

  4. Sit back while loan is processed

  5. Close on VA Streamline & start saving money!

Basic Documents Needed VA Streamline

  • Clear copies of you/your spouses ID’s
  • Copy of the veteran borrower’s DD214opens IMAGE file
  • Copy of the “NOTEopens PDF file ” for your current VA mortgage 
  • Copy of the “HUD-1opens PDF file ” for your current VA mortgage 
  • Copy of your most recent mortgage payment statement for your current VA loan
  • Contact information for your current homeowner’s insurance
  • Signed disclosure package

VA Streamline Refi Helpful Tips

  • You  will “skip” your monthly mortgage payment following your closing
  • You will receive a refund check from your current escrow account 2-4 weeks after you close on your new VA Home Loan

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