Eligible renovation repairs for FHA 203k loan

Repairs Allowed on FHA 203k Reno Loan

Below are 2 lists that outline the repairs that FHA 203k allows and that FHA 203k does not allow.

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FHA 203k Allowable Repairs

  • Roof: repair or replacement (covering, underlayment)
  • Gutters/downspouts: install/repair/replace
  • Insulation: ceilings/walls/asbestos removal
  • Weatherization items/repairs/improvements
  • Siding/windows/doors
  • Paint: interior/exterior/lead paint abatement
  • Kitchen: all appliances/cabinets/total rehab
  • Electrical: repair/replace/recondition all
  • Plumbing: repair/replace/recondition all
  • Repair/replace HVAC or other systems
  • Flooring/sub-flooring/tile/carpet/wood
  • Termite treatment/damage repair
  • Install well/septic
  • Landscaping/fencing
  • Mold remediation or mold removal
  • Handicap accessibility improvements
  • Foundation repairs
  • Upgrade/repairs for health and safety
  • Swimming pool and related equipment up to $1,500
  • Room Additions: by exceptions only

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FHA 203k Non-Allowable Repairs

  • Complete tear down
  • Moving of a dwelling from another location to the subject site
  • Adding swimming pools or other luxury items such as outdoor kitchens /BBQs /saunas /spa
  • Repairs that would cause the property be become unmarketable
  • Television antenna and satellite dishes
  • Additions or alterations for commercial use
  • SFR conversion to a 2 unit
  • Repairs performed by the borrower (self help not allowed regardless of borrower’s occupation)
  • Projects that will take more than 120 days to complete
  • Repairs that exceed 50% of the “as repaired value” reflected on line B14 of the 92700 up to $150,000.
  • Any repairs in excess of $150,000 require an exception

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The allowable repairs must all be completed by a licensed contractor.  Please see our FHA 203k main site for more on contractor requirements.