The VA regulates who may pay for what and how much each party may pay.  There are 3 rules that govern who can pay what Arizona VA home loan closing costs.

  1. The 4% Rule
  2. Unlimited Non-Recurring Closing Costs Rule
  3. VA Non-Allowable Costs

1. The 4% Costs Rule

A VA borrower may receive up to 4% of the appraised value of the home they are buying in seller-paid closing costs.  The 4% total does NOT include non-recurring closing costs or bonafide discount points.

Costs included in the 4% limit

  • Seller payment of the VA Funding Fee
  • Seller’s pre-payment of property taxes and insurance
  • Payment of extra points to provide a permanent interest rate buy-down
  • Seller paying off credit balances or judgments on behalf of the VA borrower
  • Gifts from the seller such as a television set or a microwave

Example of the 4% calculation:  
$300,000(appraised value) x 4%(max concession limit) = $12,000 total allowed under 4% Rule 

2. Non-Recurring Closing Costs

In addition to the 4% rule, a VA borrower may also have a seller pay for 100% of fees categorized as Non-Recurring Closing Costs.

Non-Recurring Closing Costs

  • Title Work
  • Recording fees
  • Appraisal
  • Credit report
  • Discount points
  • Other lender fees

3. VA Non-Allowable Fees

VA has designated specific fees a VA borrower cannot pay as “Non-Allowable”   The seller, the buyer’s agent and/or the buyer’s lender may pay for these fees.
Check out our informative page on VA Non-Allowable Fees

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