EAP Process | HOUSE Team Mortgage Preapproval

Stand out among other competing home-buyers. The standard for any home-buyer shopping for a home is a mortgage pre-approval letter. However, for those seeking to stand taller than other competing buyers our EAP program provides the leverage needed to do so.

Winning A Home Seller’s Confidence

Typical buyers markets consist of buyers shopping for homes with a lender pre-approval letter in hand. In many cases, that is sufficient. However, some situations call for more.

Looking at the home-buying transaction from a seller’s point of view is a powerful tool for any buyer. The terms of your offer are less important if sellers lack confidence in your ability to successfully close on your home loan. Our EAP Program provides that extra reassurance sellers often want when reviewing competing offers.

Completing Our EAP Program Is Easy!

Completing the HOUSE Team’s EAP program and gaining the advantage of having underwriting approval is simple and costs nothing. In fact, you just complete these 4 steps and leave the rest to our team!

  1. Complete Loan Application

    Whether online or on the phone with our team, completing a loan app is a 5-10 minute process. There is no cost to do so.

  2. Provide Supporting Documentation

    Provide supporting documents the HOUSE Team requests such as paystubs, W2’s and bank statements.

  3. Sign an Upfront Disclosure package

    Up front disclosure packages can be signed electronically and are non binding.

  4. File Submitted to Underwriting

    The HOUSE Team submits your loan into underwriting and typically within 24-72 hours the underwriting process is complete.

Once you successfully complete our EAP program, we provide you both a standard pre-qualification form as well as a letter that shows any seller that you are pre-approved AND you are also through underwriting and approved.

Underwriting Approval Beats Pre-Qualification

Think of Underwriting Approval as the ACE in the Mortgage deck of cards. Yes a Pre-qualification letter is a good card, but why not put an ACE in your hand.

Sellers sifting through multiple offers containing similar terms often look for secondary criteria to select/accept an offer. Having full underwriting approval through our EAP program is a great way to stand out above other offers.