Mortgage Options for Arizona Investors

The HOUSE Team specializes in helping Real Estate investors build their portfolio with innovative mortgage products.   Typically, an investor must put 20% down to qualify for a home loan to purchase a home.  The HOUSE Team offers the following products to help investors:

10 Financed Properties Program:

Where many lenders stop at 4, The HOUSE Team can help investors finance up to 10 properties.  Click opens in a new windowHERE for more information.

No Seasoning Cash Out Refinance

This unique Arizona mortgage product helps investors leverage cash on a purchase and then turn around and complete a cash out refinance without having to wait the normal 6 months seasoning period.

15% Down Investment Home Loan

Qualified investors can now purchase rental property with as little as 15% down!

These products along with The HOUSE Team’s understanding of how to work directly with investors to obtain quick loan approval without surprises can help an avid Real Estate investor successfully build their Real Estate portfolio.  Call us today at 602.435.2149 or email us at Jeremy@JeremyHouse.comcreate new email.

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