Documents needed for home loan pre-approval

Supporting documents are part of completing your home loan pre-qualification. However, not each person applying for a home loan supplies the same documents.

What Documents Will a Lender Need?

During your mortgage pre-qual certain income/asset and credit support documents are required. Since everyone’s scenario differs, so too do the documents required for a pre-qual. However, below are lists of the typical documents for various scenarios:

Standard Pre-qual Documents

The items needed for home loan Pre-Qual* varies.  However, below is a typical needs list for a home loan Pre-Qual.

  • Most recent 2 years W2 formsopens PDF file  if applicable
  • Copy of a photo ID
  • 2 months asset acct statements
  • Most recent award letter for other income
  • 1 month’s pay-stubs (most recent)
  • Most recent mortgage bill(s)
  • Recent 1 or 2 years federal tax returnsopens PDF file  if applicable
  • Additional documents as needed

Self-employed Pre-qual Documents

While self-employed needs list often differs from a wage earner’s, typical documents required items are straight forward. For example, self employed borrowers commonly need to provide the following:

  • Each of the items listed above that apply
  • Most recent 2 years K1’sopens PDF file  if applicable
  • Most recent 1 or 2 years federal business tax returns if applicable
  • Additional documents as needed

2 Basic Forms

In order to complete your home loan Pre-Qual, Arizona Mortgage Lenders also use these 2 forms. However, lenders send these forms at different times in the process. The HOUSE team provides these up front. In fact, waiting too long for either form may result in unwanted suprises in underwriting.

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*A pre-qualification is not an approval of credit, and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met