Home Loan Pre-Approval Documents

Documents needed for Mortgage Pre-Approval

The documentation needed for home loan pre-approval varies.  Below are samples of what The HOUSE Team typically needs to complete your home loan pre-approval.

Standard needs list:

  • Clear copies of applicant’s photo ID
  • Most recent 1 or 2 years federal tax returns/1040 forms
  • Most recent 2 years W2 forms if applicable
  • Most recent 2 years 1099 forms if applicable 
  • Most recent 2 months asset account statements – all pages
    • additional documents required for retirement accounts
  • Most recent 1 month’s paystubs
  • Most recent award letter for retirement/pension/disability income
  • Most recent mortgage payment statement(s)
  • Additional documents as needed

Self-employed needs list:

  • Each of the items listed above that apply
  • Most recent 2 years K1’s if applicable
  • Most recent 1 or 2 years federal business tax returns
  • Additional documents as needed

2 Standard Documents

Arizona Mortgage Lenders obtain a few reports in order to complete your home loan pre-approval.  The following 2 documents are aid them in doing that:

1. IRS 4506-T Form
Tax transcripts are ordered using IRS 4506-T forms.  Transcripts verify what income information was provided to the IRS.

2. Borrowers Authorization Form 
borrower’s authorization form allows a mortgage lender to request verify information for a home loan applicant such as employment data.

The HOUSE Team can help you with a free 24 hour full home loan pre-approval.

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