Eligible Arizona homebuyers have access to a great mortgage option called USDA Home Loan when looking to buy or refinance an eligible Arizona property.

An Arizona USDA home loan allows eligible borrowers to put $0 down on a home purchase  Two of the biggest differences between a USDA loan and other types of home loans is that the borrower must meet maximum allowable income requirements and the property must be considered eligible (property eligibility is based on property location).  See below for resources to determine both property and income eligibility.

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Arizona USDA Home Loan Benefits

  • $0 Down Payment Required
  • Flexible Credit Guidelines
  • Competitive Mortgage Interest Rate
  • No Pre–Payment Penalty

Arizona USDA Home Loan Rules

What can an Arizona VA loan be used to buy?: Primary residences
Down Payment Requirement: 0% of lower of the price/appraised value
Available Loan Terms: 30 year fixed mortgage
Is Monthly Mortgage Insurance Required?: Yes
Are there property Eligibility Requirements: Yes
Income Eligibility Requirements: Yes
Maximum Debt to Income Ratio: Contact us for more info
Minimum Required Credit Score: Contact us for more info
Are Seller Paid Closing Costs allowed: Yes 
Are gift funds allowed?: Yes

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*A pre-qualification is not an approval of credit, and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met

By Jeremy House