Homepath Renovation Program
Homepath Renovation Program
Homepath Renovation Program

The HOUSE Team’s Homepath Renovation program  is designed to help borrowers purchasing a Fannie Mae foreclosure finance the cost of repairs that are both required by an appraiser and/or requested by the buyer.  This program allows a opens in a new windowHomepath buyer to close on their Homepath loan and have the repairs completed after closing.

I. Homepath Renovation Eligible Repairs

The HOUSE Team’s Homepath Renovation loan program allows a buyer to finance repairs that are required by an appraiser and/or repairs or upgrades that the buyer wants to make to the property.

The property MUST be listed as eligible for a Homepath Renovation Loan on Fannie Mae’s Homepath website:  opens in a new windowhttp://www.homepath.com/

II. Maximum Amount That Can be Financed for Repairs

The HOUSE Team’s Homepath Renovation Program allows a Hompeath buyer to finance up to $35,000 to go toward repairs.  This includes the 10% contingency fund that is required on all Homepath Renovation Loans.

– If the required repairs cost exceed $35,000  the buyer or the seller cannot fund the excess themselves

III. Loan Type(s) That Can be Used With This Program

Program can only be used with a Homepath Loan and the property must be an opens in a new windoweligible Fannie Mae foreclosure.

IV. & Minimum Down Payment  Requirements

Contact us for more information

V. Maximum Time Allowed to Complete Repairs

The Homepath Renovation Program allows up to 120 days for the repairs/updgrades to be completed.  This time is measured from the date the loan closes on both refinances and purchases.

VI. Contractor Regulations

The HOUSE Team’s Homepath Renovation Program allows for a maximum of up to 3 contractors.  The contractor(s) cannot be a family member, realtor/loan officer involved in the transaction or the borrower’s employer.

Contractor(s) must be approved by our Renovation department.  Documents needed to review/approved a contractor include:

  • Contractor Checklist (click HERE for sample)
  • W-9 from Contractor (click HERE for sample)
  • Contractor Permit Advisory
  • Itemized Bid (click HERE for sample)
  • Borrower Acknowledgement of Repair Escrow
  • Borrower’s Contractor Acknowledgement
  • Contractor Profile Report (click HERE for sample)
  • Applicable licenses
  • Liability Insurance
  • BBB info/trade association memberships

Please contact The HOUSE Team with any questions and to learn more about how our Homepath Renovation program can help you fix and upgrade your new Homepath property!  Team Phone:  602.435.2149  Team Email:  Team@JeremyHouse.com

By Jeremy House