USDA Condo Mortgage Approval

Arizona USDA Condo financing is a very simple process.   USDA refers to FHA/VA condo guidelines and condo pre-approval lists to determine if a condo is eligible for USDA financing.

I.   FHA’s pre-approved condo list
II.  VA’s pre-approved condo list

If FHA and/or VA consider the condo project/HOA eligible for financing than USDA honors that same approval.

I. FHA’s pre-approved condo list

FHA maintains a list of condo projects that are currently deemed eligible for FHA condo financing.  If the condo is considered eligible for financing by FHA, USDA honors that approval.  The FHA pre-approved condo list can be reviewed here:  opens in a new windowFHA Approved Condos

Check out The HOUSE Team’s FHA approved condo Map for Maricopa County:  opens in a new windowMaricopa County Approved Condo – MAP (unofficial)

II. VA’s pre-approved condo list

VA also maintains a list of pre-approved condo projects that are currently considered eligible for VA condo financing.  If the condo is considered eligible for financing by VA, USDA honors that approval. The list  of pre-approved VA condos can be found here:  opens in a new windowVA Approved Condos

You may also want to jump over to our opens in a new windowFHA CONDO page or our opens in a new windowVA CONDO page to learn more about the FHA Condo approval process.  To recap, USDA requires that a condo be approved by FHA or VA in order to be eligible for a USDA loan.   There are a few additional items that your lender will need to confirm for full USDA condo financing eligibility.

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