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HOME Plus Overview

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HOME Plus Down Payment Assistance Program

The Arizona HOME Plus is an outstanding down payment assistance program.  HOME Plus can be used in all Arizona Counties (including Maricopa) except Pima.  HOME Plus gives funds to eligible borrowers that do not have to be paid back.

Benefits of the HOME Plus Program

HOME Plus provides eligible buyers with a financial grant.  The amount of the grant is based on the borrowers loan amount and depends on the scenario.  Grant funds may be used toward down payment and/or closing costs.  Grant funds DO NOT need to be paid back.  This program is only for purchase transactions.

Basic HOME Plus Requirements

Loan Types Allowed: Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA (County Specific)
Maximum Purchase Price: $371,936
Location: Home must be located in any Arizona County except Pima County
Property Type: New or existing single family, condo & town-home
Credit Score Required: Contact us for more info
Debt to Income: Contact us for more info
Income Limits: $92,984 gross per year maximum 
First Time Buyer Requirement: No
Occupancy: Home must be a primary residence
US Residential Status: Permanent or non-permanent allowed 
Home Inspection: A home inspection invoice is required
Home buyer Education: Yes (see below for more information)

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HOME Plus Buyer Education Requirements

A homebuyer utilizing the HOME Plus mortgage program is required to complete a homebuyer education course prior to closing their new home loan.  They may choose from any of the current HUD approved housing courses to meet HOME Plus Home buyer Education requirements.

Click here for a list of approved courses

Online Buyer Education Resources for HOME Plus

NHS of Phoenix: Sandra Acosta 602.258.1659/sacosta@nhsphoenix.org

Genesis Housing Services: 480-306-5161/help@genesis.org

Additional HOME Plus Information

    • The appraisal must indicate that the home has AT LEAST a 30 year remaining useful life
    • Not allowed to be used in conjunction with a construction to perm loan
    • No cash back to borrower
    • No minimum loan amount (follow lender’s minimum loan amount guidelines)
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No recapture tax
    • Not to be used with a refinance
    • No reserve requirements (follow lender’s reserve requirements)
    • Availability of funds is subject to change without prior notice
    • See lender for specific HOME Plus charges/closing costs

The HOUSE Team is excited to offer the HOME Plus mortgage option for Arizona buyers.  The program is simple, quick and a borrower can close within 30 days or less using this program.  Call us today to find out if this program can help you.

Team Phone:  602.435.2149
Team Email:  Team@JeremyHouse.com

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By Jeremy House