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HOME in 5 Down Payment Assistance Program

The Arizona HOME in 5 home loan is an outstanding down payment assistance program.  HOME in 5 can be used in Maricopa County.  HOME in 5 gives grant funds to eligible borrowers that do not have to be paid back.

Benefits HOME in 5

HOME in 5 provides eligible buyers with a financial grant.  The grant amount is based on the borrowers loan amount and depends on the scenario.  Grant funds may be used for down payment and/or closing costs.  Grant funds DO NOT need to be paid back.

Basic HOME in 5 Requirements

Loan Types Allowed: Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA (County Specific)
Maximum Purchase Price: $300,000
Location: Home must be located in any Arizona County except Pima County
Property Type: New or existing single family, condo & town-home
Credit Score Required: Contact us for more info
Debt to Income: Contact us for more info
Income Limits: $88,340 gross per year maximum
First Time Buyer Requirement: No
Occupancy: Home must be a primary residence
US Residential Status: Permanent or non-permanent allowed
Home buyer Education Required: Yes


Additional HOME in 5 Information

    • The appraisal must indicate that the home has AT LEAST a 30 year remaining useful life
    • Not allowed to be used in conjunction with a construction to perm loan
    • No cash back to borrower
    • No minimum loan amount (follow lender’s minimum loan amount guidelines)
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No recapture tax
    • Not to be used with a refinance
    • No reserve requirements (follow lender’s reserve requirements)
    • Availability of funds is subject to change without prior notice
    • See lender for specific HOME in 5 charges/closing costs

The HOUSE Team is excited to offer the HOME in 5 down payment assistance program to Arizona homebuyers.  The program is simple, quick and a borrower can close within 30 days or less using this program.  Call us today to find out if this program can help you.

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By Jeremy House