Obtaining Home Loan Pre-Qualification* is key to a successful home buying experience.  In fact, here are 7 reasons fully Pre-Qualification should be the first step when buying a home.

7 Home Loan Pre-Qualification Benefits

  1. Save time: saves time during the underwriting process
  2. Avoid stress: last minute surprises are stressful
  3. Evaluate home loan options: find out what option work best
  4. Understand your buying power: discover how much you can buy
  5. Know what your new home will cost: learn about your payments for new home
  6. Understand your closing costs: determine how much your closing costs are
  7. Obtain a Pre-Qualification Form(“PQF“): this gives you the power to shop for a home

The HOUSE Team will guide you through each of the Home Loan Pre-Qualification steps explaining each step along the way.  The process is quick and does not cost anything to complete.

Team Phone:  602.435.2149
Team Email:  Team@JeremyHouse.com

Pre-Qualification Helpful Links

Mortgage Pre-Qualification
Required Pre-Qualification Documents
The Home Buying Process

**A pre-qualification is not an approval of credit, and does not signify that underwriting requirements have been met

By Jeremy House

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